The Global Dérive: The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts.

Binaray graffiti club

Location: Union Terrace Gardens, UTG7 on the Festival Map


User friendly public participatory spectacle and public engagement event across urban space creating new narratives for the playful engagement of the environment, encompassing performance, politics and art.

Twelve people walk around the city. They are dressed in the Binary Club uniform the black binary hooded top; the clothing symbol of the age. They are tracked and monitored as units of data, reduced and simplified and represented as a zero or a one. Custom made software tracks their real time position and the data is collected and fed back to the servers. This performance is exhibited inside the gallery or outside in the city in real time. What you seen on the screen is a poetic interpretation, an abstracted interpretation.

Although they meander they are re-formed via software into active agents while their every move is monitored. The group of seemingly aimless individuals are actually collaborating to make the artwork which is visualised. The output represents the collective agency of the performing groups, thus the sum is greater than the parts. Each person in the system is by default an active participant in the creation of the result whether they like it or not.

A newly developed software APP is used to collect the data and gps location and a server API  formats the data which is visualized into an interface a vasilias experience in Three JS.



Stanza_face_12STANZA is an award winning London based artist whose practice includes include installations, netart, public art, generative data driven art, paintings and prints. His work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Tate Britain and the Victoria and Albert Museum.







Commissioned through ENLIGHT – European Light Expression Network supported with funds from the Culture Programme of the European Union