Festival Location: St Nicholas’ Kirk.  SNK 2 on your festival map.


Art collective RaumZeitPiraten will bring their “ElektroMistel” to the trees a nod to the Gaelic myth of the ‘all healing plant’

Inspired by the half-parasitic being of the European Mistletoe [Viscum album] the project “ElektroMistel” plays with parasitic and symbiotic strategies. Adaptive art machines are integrated into the organic structures of trees and plants to temporarily transform urban space, allowing a new approach to the city, enlightening the more quiet and slowly disappearing participants of urban sceneries.


Groups of trees are used as hosts for clusters of audio-sensitive light sculptures. Each object built as battery powered standalone light-sequencer (6-9 LEDs per object). With these light modules the structure of the host plant, its branches, leaves and blossoms are projected as ‘rhizomatic’, multi-layer shadow play onto nearby walls and streets. The light sequencing allows film-like animations producing at the same time organically concrete and mechanically abstract associations.


The surrounding sounds of the city (cars, animals, weather…) and the acoustic interactions (singing, clapping, talking…) of the visitors of this light environment directly control the animation process of the projected images. The otherwise calm plant starts to talk back. The nocturnal cityscape transforms…

Commissioned through ENLIGHT – European Light Expression Network supported with funds from the Culture Programme of the European Union



TobiasTobias Daemgen is a German based artist; his works is the creation of multimedia environments and performing with individualised ‘optoacoustic’ instruments, experimenting with the poetic potential of science. Since the formation of the artists collective ‘RaumZeitPiraten’ in 2007 he travels internationally with exhibitions, performances, workshops and lectures.