Adapt 5

Carlos Bernal Gallery Image 2
 Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens.  UTG 2 on your festival map.



Back projection, geometric patterns and multiple screens combine to create 3D audio visual experience.

Adapt 5 is a new Modular Immersive Audio-visual Installation Which is based on projection mapping over tulle fabric and digital LED strips.  5 rectangular shaped screens to create a “circuit” or “scenario” where a series of custom made visuals are projected onto the screens, creating an  illusion of 3D visuals having 3 projectors at the rear of all the screens. As the screens have been built with semi-transparent fabric, the light coming from the back projectors is transferred to the 5 consecutive screens, creating a series of 3D geometric patterns. The final effect transports the audience into a new dimension of sound and lighting design.


carlos_bernalCarlos Bernal is an audio-visual artist, graphic designer and Art Director based in Manchester. His work is primarily focused on creating installations and light sculpture incorporating light projections.   While living in Valencia, Spain, Carlos became fascinated with video mapping, motion graphics and especially light Installations. He has worked on stage design and live Installations for events as Charlton Arts Festival (Manchester), British Science festival (Bradford) Enlighten Manchester 2015, Liverpool Light Night 2016 and Spectra 2016.  He is scheduled to be part of LONDON Light Festival at Canary Wharf and LEEDS Light Night in 2017.


As his work evolved, he began to play with structures through the physics of how light can be used to manipulate perceived reality creating site specific architectural projection installation, performances and temporary-permanent installations. He collaborates with artists in a huge range of artistic expressions like dance representations and theatrical performances which allows him to present a creative process each time in different ways.



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