Channel 3.2

Materials_and_duration Heather Landers

Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens.  UTG 6 on your festival map.



Channel 3.2 looks at the physical versus the virtual, illusion and magic. It comes from investigations into how vision works and how easily it can be disrupted or confused.


The idea of light ‘becoming physical’ is something that drives Heather’s research. ‘Channel 3.2’ brings together themes of the physical, illusion and magic.  The work is an investigations into how vision works and how easily it can be disrupted or confused and our perception of reality, and how phenomena such as illusions and technology can alter this.

 Channel 3.2 adapts the traditional idea of the screen and transforms it into sculptural elements using translucent, reflective and mirrored surfaces to exploit the properties of the light coming from the projector, the idea of the physical versus the virtual.

“Heather Lander’s hypnotic, ethereal light manifestations scintillate as gloriously as the Aurora Borealis or some other celestial kaleidoscope, whether or not anyone is watching” Catherine Fehily, Head of the CIT Crawford College of Art and Design

Channel 3.2 is a SPECTRA Commission supporting new opportunities for Scottish based artists to be featured in the 2017 festival.





Heather LanderHeather Lander is an American/British artist living in Glasgow, Scotland. She has exhibited at The Briggait as part of Glasgow International, in collaboration with Simon Harlow, Cryptic Nights at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Glasgow and the Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh.






Facebook: heather.lander.750

Instagram: heatherroselander