Doric Smoorach (Doric Kiss)

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Festival Location
: Union Terrace Gardens.  UTG 4 on your festival map.



Giant Interactive projected speaking heads, combining 3D scans of the audience with Doric poetry.

Doric Smoorach (Doric Kiss) uses 3-D face capture and mouth animation to put words in the audiences mouths.As dusk falls in Union Terrace Gardens, three large translucent heads appear. Looking like the Easter Island Heads, each one of these moves, blinks, and seems almost alive. Faces from the audience are captured by the artists and added to the installation and as the heads begin to speak and sing tales in Doric verse the audience becomes part of the installation and see themselves speak and sing words that they never said…


Doric Recording Credits

Les Wheeler: Sir James the Rose, Life’s Little Ups and Doons, Dancing Daft

Shane Strachan: Aberdeen by Night, The Ward Hoose, Crag’s Lament for Kyle

Sheenah Blackhall: Corbies, Winter, Blue Toon Hipsters

All recorded and edited by Pete Stollery at the Bennachie Studio, University of Aberdeen. Produced in association with SOUND Festival

Commissioned in celebration of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology

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Chris Squire is the Co-Director of Impossible; creator of a series of innovative participatory, digital and live arts installations, workshops and events. Making extraordinary experiences in everyday locations.

From large-scale spectaculars to one off workshops, developing innovative arts projects that engage people of all walks of life.

With roots are in the performing arts but now using digital and visual arts approaches to create participatory or interactive artworks.

Much work is outside traditional arts establishments, producing projects for domestic, neighbourhood, community, civic, education, retail and work environments.