Forget Me Not

APA Music Hall Sara Stroud

Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens.  UTG 10 on your festival map.



Collective narratives and memories from the Music Hall brought to life through a digital carousel.

Forget Me Not is a carousel of narratives reflecting the legacy of the Music Hall in Aberdeen. The arches in Union Terrace Gardens will host the installation that marries modern technology to a classical carousel structure, giving the audience a window into Sara’s  research and collated themes associated with the Music Hall, Sara has created an artwork that spans past, present & future.

This work is inspired by the themes of waging, death and what we leave behind physically or the memories that are left from that life time. Sara is interested in trying to recreate nostalgia and emotional connections through film and sound.

12 different films will play looped narratives, some may play altogether others will play randomly to create a visual and immersive experience. The films that have been created combine archive footage and short narrative film clips from moments throughout the Music Halls history. Some of the film elements will include performance, stand up, theatre, and rich human moments from the 200 year span of history that the building has.

Forgot Ne Not is an Aberdeen Performing Arts Artist in the City new commission.




Sara_stroudSara Stroud is a film maker and Creative industries lecturer based in Aberdeen. Her recent work has focused on educational projects and film commissions for third sector organisations.  Commissioned by the Music Halls Stepping Out project, Sara is 1 of 5 associate artists creating work this year. Sara is inspired by narrative and collective memories. She has a huge passion for short film and moving image and has previously had her work screened on Channel 4 and Encounters animation festival (Bristol)

This is Sara’s first video installation and she is looking forward to seeing her work light up the dark nights of Aberdeen.




Twitter: sara_stroud

Instagram: sarastroud221975

Vimeo: user47321848