Group Hug

Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens.  UTG 6 on your festival map.



Hugs bring love to the world and fill it with joy and light.

Group Hug is a collection of custom designed ‘Hug Pads’ that are placed on the ground in Union Terrace Gardens. The idea is for people standing on adjoining Hug Pads to hug each other and the more of the Hug Pads that are activated at once, the more elements of the light artwork light up.


Group Hug is a SPECTRA ‘Wee’ Commission, supporting local artists to pilot new concepts at the festival.




AndrewSageAndrew Sage is an imaginer creating new worlds across various mediums.  Having spent many years developing software he is now focusing on his creative projects that have seen several exhibitions of photography, oil paintings and interactive digital experiences over the years.


xanthe BoddingtonXanthe Bodington graduated in Communication Design from RGU in 2016. She has worked on several collaborative and solo projects ranging from graphic novel illustration, community interactive projects around the life of bees and branding for multiple companies. Ianthe recently returned from a visit to Calgary in Canada as part of a creative travel award received from Aberdeen City Council.


Andrew and Xanthe have collaborated on several projects together since 2015.  Their initial collaboration on The Price graphic novel was followed by an exhibition based around the graphic novel. This exhibition included photography inspired by the story, a Virtual Reality experience bringing part of the story to life, concept artwork and massive prints of the first chapter. Their next collaboration saw Andrew provide the technology elements to bring Ianthe’s “life of bees”information poster to life via touch-triggered light projections of Xanthe’s animations.