Hot Heads

Hot Heads

Festival Location:Union Terrace Gardens. UTG 3 on your festival map



A series of newly commissioned fire busts of Aberdonian’s that shaped the city

Much of the recent work of pa-BOOM has been with fire. Fire is integrated with sculpture in a variety of ways to create installations for audiences to walk through and interact with. These installations respond to the differing locations when they are presented. People have a deep-seated, elemental fascination with fire, and Hot Heads explores the use of fire and heat as a sculptural medium.


Fire is often used in a spectacular, theatrical way to mark and punctuate performances and finales however, we have relished the opportunity to present a piece of work that uses fire for its own intrinsic qualities, associations and aesthetics, Hot Heads uses fire in a contemplative, subtle, and intriguing way.


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David Chadwick trained as a 3D designer and is a founder member of pa-BOOM. For the last 25 years he has worked extensively around the UK and occasionally in Europe on a variety of projects and events with pa-BOOM. Previously, he worked with several visual based theatre companies – Horse & Bamboo (a founder member), Chol Theatre, and as a Community Arts Worker at Cartwheel Community Arts based in Rochdale for six years.
He has also worked with a variety of different arts organisations and companies as a designer/maker and has been a visiting lecturer at Wimbledon School of Art. He has run a number of arts based courses and workshops with both small and large groups e.g. lantern and fire drawing courses, sculpture workshops and making fire installations.