Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens.  UTG 9 on your festival map.



Parabola blurs the lines between art and maths. The geometric framework provides a mathematical structure which supports the parabolic curves. Inspired by the Aberdeenshire mathematician James Gregory and his work on the reflecting telescope; Parabola takes the concept of the curved mirrors in the Reflecting Telescope that reflect light and form image, and using their
considerable skills as artists, Hannah & Amanda have created curves of light using the natural materials that reflect the environment of Union Terrace Gardens


HannahAyre_Headshot1Hannah Ayre is a participatory artist working with audiences where the boundaries between art, craft, performance & collaboration are blurred.

Works range from small craft items to large scale outdoor sculpture, performance and events. Her aim is to have minimal environmental impact through the creative process and to engage the public. Her projects often take place in unconventional settings, by taking the work out of the gallery removing some of the barriers to participation.

2017 marks Hannah 3rd appearance at SPECTRA, following up on her very popular artwork at last year’s festival, ‘Linguistics in Light’ (Fit Like?).


2017-01-19%2017.13.22Amanda Yates is an artist and illustrator whose main rationale is to infuse the use of creativity into mainstream education. Working as an educational artist in residence, her projects are closely cultivated with the whole school community, working with children, parents and staff to create unique opportunities for schools to work alongside artists, galleries and communities. Her artworks range from animation, exhibition curation to 3-D sculptures, adeptly blending the lines between maths, science, literacy and art.