Wave Garden

Wave Garden

Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens.  UTG 5 on your festival map.



A new site specific installation of illuminated kinetic wave sculptures.

Wave Garden signals the return of artist Paul Friedlander to Spectra 2017 after his successful 2016 installation Light Wave Power KIC 8462852.

A theme runs through all of Paul’s art from his earliest experiments, a fascination with light, movement, luminosity and creating artworks that appear to be formed of something immaterial; weightless, reminiscent of the appearance of nebulae and galaxies.

In pursuit of this goal he has developed his own specific techniques and methods; one of these involves waves which he makes into sculptures lit by special lighting. For Spectra, Paul has created a new site specific installation created for Union Terrace Gardens bringing together multiple wave sculptures which will tower over visitors’ heads in stunning kinetic ribbons of light.



Headshot_Paul FriedlanderPaul Friedlander is a scientific artist and a light sculptor with a degree in physics and maths from Sussex University. His works use persistence of vision, a property of how light is perceived combined with movement to create a three dimensional kinetic body of light in sculptural form that is both beautiful and interactive.  Paul has exhibited internationally at numerous art and science museums and festivals spanning four continents and fifteen countries.

Awards: USHIO America Award for Innovation, 1998; Winner of LIGHTFORMS in New York, 1998; Winner Kinetic Art Organisation Prize, 2003 and 2004.