Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens

Entropy is an audio-visual installation based on Video Mapping projections and sound reactive LED strips. It created a new dimension, a space-time tunnel where the energy of light was transferred and transformed through this art installation; eight consecutive screens, one projector and mesmerising visuals which guided the viewer through this immersive audio-visual experience.

About the artist…

Carlos Bernal is an audio-visual artist and graphic designer based in Manchester focused on projections of light in space and it’s influence on our perception working with audio-visual installations and site specific light sculptures since 2009.

While living in Valencia ( East Spain ), Carlos became fascinated with video mapping, light sculptures and Motion Graphics and especially light Installations. He worked on stage design and live Installations for events as Chorlton Arts Festival ( Manchester) and British Science festival ( Bradford).

He has a huge passion for the Audiovisual world and he is on constant research for new interactive projects involving projections,light and it’s perception.

Carlos has a long standing relationship with SPECTRA and is scheduled to return to Spectra 2017.