Illuminating Geometry

Illuminated Geometry Jenny Dockett

Location: Seventeen, S1 on the Festival Map


A light installation created by Aberdeen school children, Illuminated Geometry is inspired by natural science and an archaeological mystery from the north-east’s past

Illuminating Geometry is an installation and workshop from science educator Dockett designed to introduce participants to geometry, the properties of light and a little about electric circuits.


Jenny’s Illuminating Geometry is inspired by platonic solids – the ‘building blocks of existence’, found in everything in the natural world from salt grains to diamond, right through to the common cold virus. Platonic solids are also behind one the country’s most persistent archaeological mysterious, the Neolithic carved stone balls discovered around Scotland. The finest example of these, the Towie stone, was found in Aberdeenshire 1860 and its mysterious origins continue to fascinate scientists and archaeologists around the world today.


The installation consists of several large lanterns made from regular polyhedrons laced together to make large polygons about one metre in diameter. These large lanterns are lit by colour changing LED strips, providing a dramatic backdrop to the workshop.


Hundreds of lanterns made by school children across Aberdeen, are combined with larger lanterns Jenny Dockett will make to form the completed art work that will be on show at Seventeen on Belmont Street for the duration of the Spectra festival.



JennyDockett1Jenny Dockett is an award winning artist and educator, studied Environmental Microbiology at the University of Aberdeen and has previously been featured at many high profile science and education festival programmes including the Orkney Science Festival and the Abu Dhabi Science Festival.