Labyrinth Illuminaire

Festival Location: St Nicholas Kirkyard

Labyrinth Illuminaire projected light drawing an illuminated path around the kirkyard, inviting the audience to walk an ancient pattern creating an interplay of light and shadow. The light speaks of the cosmic, the stars, lunar cycle and the boundary between our comfort zone in light and discomfort in the shadow.

Upon its conception the labyrinth represents the cyclical life-death-rebirth journey, but later evolved as a walking symbolic pilgrimage, a human measurement of penance and obligation.

About the artist…

Jim Buchanan explores the relationship between the cyclical repetitions found in Nature’s rhythms, with those of the linear human activity.Jim will also leading an artist walk related to his work, for more information and to book a free place click here.

Although born in Bristol in 1965, Jim Buchanan spent most of his formative years on the Donegal coast of Ireland. His childhood play space was defined by how far he could walk or run, and then return home, in a day. This freedom of movement across wild landscape, dotted with pre-Christian archaeological spaces infuses his current work, and that of his major past-time, running.

Jim went on to train as a landscape architect at Leeds Polytechnic (1983 to 1990), but emerged out of private practise as a renowned labyrinth-maker and artist, working on exciting and ambitious installation and labyrinth projects. A Canadian children’s hospital is currently using two of Jim’s ‘labyrinths of light’ for clinical therapies, and quantitative research is being undertaken to measure the degree of positive calming achieved.

Jim has being based in Dumfriesshire for over twenty years, setting his studio practise within a rural landscape backdrop, with a maritime light quality. He lives with his wife and two sons.

Jim Buchanan is author of “Labyrinths for the Spirit” published by Gaia in 2007.

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