Many Hands Make Light Work

Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens

Many Hands Make Light Work was a light sculpture made by 250 different local school children who individually contributed to its creation.  Through a series of workshops and using the word SPECTRA as a starting point, we inspired a large group of children to enjoy colour and light together and help to create a collaborative artwork around this topic.  Each child made their own light cube in a series of workshops enabling them to gain an understanding of making a basic light fitting that they then customised using colour and a phrase about colour or light of their own choosing. The customising was done using drawing and writing and this created the front part of the box.  

The end result was a wall of light boxes that was animated with movement and on close examination contained witty, thought provoking or scientific facts and comments about colour.  At the end of the light festival all of the light boxes were returned to the people who made them, together with a battery power supply, for use in their own home or school.

About the artists…

Light Collective consists of Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers. They both have sixteen years of experience as architectural lighting designers and in recent years have undertaken many projects that have their roots in community engagement.

They have organised Guerrilla Lighting events and participatory installation’s all over the world engaging diverse communities (from families in Finland to students in Goa…) as part of lighting festivals or as educational events and have vast experience in teaching about light, involving participants and creating innovative and exceptional quality lighting projects and installations.

Light Collective are committed to providing an educational aspect to each project and always aim to provide some basic lighting tuition inherent within the work.


Twitter: @lightcollective