Neon Face Art

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Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens UTG11 on your Festival Map

Become a living SPECTRA artwork through Neon face paint art

Ulianka returns again to host her ever popular stall for the duration of the festival and will use UV face and body paint to paint the faces/hands of members of the public. The body paints work the same as ordinary face paint however in the UV light they glow bright fluorescent colours. This will bring the festival to life and not only will people be spectating they will become the art and in turn part of the festival. There will be Fluorescent lights spread around Union Terrace Gardens that will react with the face paint.

Costs are displayed on the Stall.



UliankaUlianka is a Russian born artist who lived in Poland exploring native customs and arts alongside studying at university to receive a Master degree and teaching qualifications before moving to Aberdeen, where she run her own business teaching art over the past five years.