1000 Birds

Festival Location: Marischal College

One Thousand Birds was an installation by Kathy Hinde with surround sound by Matthew Fairclough. Each time the installation is shown, the paper birds are re-made by people from the local community and a collection on 1000 origami cranes, according to an ancient Japanese legend, is said to grant a wish. The crane in Japan is one of the mystical or holy creatures and is said to live for a thousand years. This installation aims to bring people together through a collective act of folding an Origami bird to make 1000. The piece was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki who died from Leukemia as a result of the bombing of Hirsohima. She spent her last days folding 1000 birds as a wish for peace, and many people fold origami birds in memory of Sadako with the intention to add to her wish.

About the artist…

Kathy Hinde’s artwork and music grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audio visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light. She performs with adapted and self-made instruments has created works that combine kinetic sculpture and musical automata in addition to a number of online soundmaps.

She often uses open scores, graphic scores and chance procedures to create a framework from which the artwork can emerge. The result is work that is generative; that evolves; that is different each time it is experienced. Kathy frequently works in collaboration with other creative practitioners and professionals from different disciplines in order to enrich and challenge her creative process.

She has shown work across Europe, Scandinavia, China, Pakistan, USA, Colombia and Brazil. Her installation ‘Tipping Point‘ received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica in 2015. Kathy is an Associate Artist with art production house Cryptic in Glasgow, Scotland.

Following a TEDx presentation at Aldeburgh Music in 2011, Kathy was invited to give a talk and demonstration at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh in June 2012. Kathy has worked in a variety of educational settings having facilitated projects with participants ranging from age 3 to over 80 working with organisations such as Aldeburgh Music, Bedford Creative Arts, Bath International Music Festival, and London Sinfonietta.

Website: http://www.kathyhinde.co.uk  

Twitter: @birdtwitchr

Matthew Fairclough is a composer and the Director of Music Technology. He lectures on the creative applications of Music Technologies in both Popular and Classical music. His research is practice-based focusing on composing for acoustic instruments with real-time electronic processing.

Matthew founded and is Artistic Director of the Open Circuit Festival, a festival of new music, sonic art and audio-visual media, which runs annually at the University of Liverpool. Matthew regularly works with many high profile performers, composers and organisations. These have included Joanna MacGregor, Andy Sheppard, Joby Burgess, Jonathan Harvey, Luciano Berio, Britten Sinfonia, Psappha, Ensemble 10/10, Smith Quartet and Sound Intermedia.