OptiKit v.2.0 – Owl Project

The Optikit is a light based modular synthesiser that uses spinning cut paper disks to produce tones, beats and mixing control. It can be used either in a performance or run autonomously as an installation.  After a period of development with Curated Place this is v2.0 of the project which will both enable live performances from the Ows during the festival and allow the public to create their own optical sound discs to play during SPECTRA festival. Find OptiKit in the Union Terrace Gardens arches.

Drawing on influences such as 70’s synthesiser culture, DIY woodworking and current digital crafts, the resulting artwork is a quirky and intriguing critique of the allure and production of technology. Owl Project make a distinctive range of musical and sculptural instruments that question human interaction with computer interfaces and our increasing appetite for new and often disposable technologies.

This piece is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.