Silver Screen/LightBook

Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens

Silver Screen/LightBook was a giant illuminated picture book which glowed in the night sky, lit up with live generated animation effects – and it featured our 35,000 visitors!

The 6 meter wide book displayed a feast of moving images – and none more intriguing than the blinking faces of the audience members who were invited to add their image to the artwork using a face-recognition camera system at a nearby booth. This created small animated portraits which were mapped into a range of animations that quickly appear on the pages – soon becoming one of a flock of devilish angels flapping across the pages of the book, for instance, or the face of another quirky animated character.

Impossible has been devising unique outdoor interventions for over 20 years, creating events that involves audiences from the widest range of backgrounds and delighting audiences across the UK and Europe.

About the artist…

Chris Squire is the Co-Director of Impossible; creator of a series of innovative participatory, digital and live arts installations, workshops and events. Making extraordinary experiences in everyday locations.

From large-scale spectaculars to one off workshops, developing innovative arts projects that engage people of all walks of life.

With roots are in the performing arts but now using digital and visual arts approaches to create participatory or interactive artworks.

Much work is outside traditional arts establishments, producing projects for domestic, neighbourhood, community, civic, education, retail and work environments.