Simulation – Morton and Panova

Inspired by ideas of light use within everyday surroundings, the work aims to highlight light’s presence in our lives. The piece comprises of a transparent greenhouse filled with haze, outdoor friendly LEDs illuminating the structure from underneath, as well as a sound piece, which explores habitual behaviours related to light.

The work stems from conversations between the artists about the use of artificial light for recreational purposes and its effects on everyday patterns of habitation. It aims to draw the public’s attention to the to the large amount of light exuded from the domestic realm on a day-to-day basis and suggest that light pollution is an active problem, which is deeply rooted in the way we interact with technology within our homes and cities. Although devices such as smartphones, television and laptop screens might not be an immediate association within this issue, the excess light they emit has the equal potential to influence mental health, moods and sleeping patterns.

Holly Morton & Svetlana Panova

The artists are a group of recent graduates from Gray’s School of Art, each with their own distinguishable creative practice. For this project they are looking to merge their interests into a piece, which combines the knowledge and skill they have acquired over the past four years. Bridging themes of light, perception and space with habitation, identity and digital technology, Holly and Svetlana find common ground in the medium of installation and its ability to resolve critical ideas in an engaging and immersive way.