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Come out of the darkness and into the light with traditional stories and folk tales from storyteller Pauline Cordiner.
Pauline will take you back to a time before electric light filled our homes and our night skies – to when communities gathered round a fire to pass the time sharing stories and songs and leave the darkness outside.  Where did the sun come from?  Who put the stars in the sky? Why does the moon bathe us in her light and what happens when she is stolen away from us?
Stories are for all ages and listeners from 2 to 102 will be sent on their way with a smile on their faces and light in their hearts.

PaulineCordinerPauline Cordiner is a storyteller from the fishing and farming traditions of the North East of Scotland and enjoys telling a variety of traditional Scottish tales, folk tales, creation myths and the occasional tale of her own.  For 15 years she has been involved in many storytelling events and projects which have allowed her to build on her enthusiasm for science, history and the environment. Pauline has performed at Glastonbury, Belladrum and Cambridge Folk festivals as well as local castles, schools, care homes, social groups and at parties which she organises. She is also the current chair of the Grampian Association of Storytellers.




Pauline Cordiner, Storyteller and Fizzy’s Funtastic Parties

Chair, Grampian Association of Storytellers