The Pool

Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens

The Pool was an environment of giant, concentric circles created from interactive circular pads. Comprised of over 100 interactive independent, yet networkable platforms consisting of custom LEDS, controllers, drivers and software were all created in house by Jen Lewin Studio.

By entering the pool, you entered a world where play and collaborative movement created swirling effects of light and colour. Like a giant game of light “ping pong,” the pool had users running and jumping, adding, bouncing, and mixing light together.  An interactive environment, movement created swirling light and colour whilst users played on concentric rings of circular pads that communicated with each other.

About the artist…

Jen Lewin is an internationally renowned light and interactive sculptor whose studio is located in Boulder, Colorado. Over the last 15 years, Lewin has honed her highly technical medium to fabricate large-scale interactive sculptures that combine light, sound and motion to encourage community interaction. From responsive sound and light forms that incorporate dance, to woven fibre video curtains that reflect movement, to giant robotic moths that flutter in response to human touch, Lewin’s use of technology as a medium challenges popular conceptions of new media works and their limitations. Focusing on pieces made for public use, she thinks beyond a traditional art exhibition to create an experience that brings vibrancy to neighbourhoods, parks and public spaces. At once organic and electronic, Jen Lewin’s playful sculptures leave viewers enchanted and surprised while encouraging delight through their engagement with the work. In this sense, visitors to Jen Lewin’s works become artists themselves.

Her technically complex works have been featured at events including Vivid Sydney, iLight Marina Bay, Signal Fest and Burning Man, art Biennales in Denver and Gwangju and solo exhibitions in the United States, Portugal and England.  Lewin’s work has been recognised with an Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award and technical design awards.

Her design and multimedia work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian, Wired, The New York Times, BBC News and The Straits Times. Jen Lewin has spoken about interactive art at events including TEDx Mile High, SXSW, INST-INT

Lewin served as Creative Director for the Ceren Project and Ivee Project at The Sundance Laboratory for Advanced Computing in Design, as well as a lead designer for ITN (Saber) in Palo Alto. Lewin attended New York University and earned her BA in Computer-Aided Architectural Design and her MPS in the Graduate Program in Interactive.

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The Pool at SPECTRA was sponsored by Aberdeen Inspired.