Wabi Sabi

Festival Location: St Nicholas Kirkyard

Reflecting the Japanese concept of acceptance of transience and imperfection often in the cycle of nature; this projection piece created a mesmeric, immersive world of shifting light and ethereal mist using static slide projection.  A place for quiet contemplation, a moment of calm and descended upon you as you entered the space. Subtly lit using various lighting elements, accentuating this neglected space envoked a feeling of mystery and serenity.

About the artist…

Often architectural in scale, Ulf Pedersen’s work transforms the act of looking into a physical experience. Those who have visited venues that he has worked with, frequently find themselves immersed in a sensational play of light and colour, as almost through a kind of light-based alchemy, the space metamorphoses into something unique and magical.

In addition to working closely with the raw materials of the site, he uses light and colour as his essential tools, often combining these natural or artificial elements with the new architectural forms he has designed. Ulf’s practice exploits both hi and lo-fi technologies and aims to highlight the poetic potential of place.

Ulf is also involved with the ground-breaking event called Power Plant; a collective of 5 artists who set up light & sound-based interventions in botanical gardens. They have recently returned from Arts Festivals in Sydney, Hong Kong and Hobart with future plans to present events in San Francisco, Wellington, Shanghai & Kunming.

Website: www.ulfpedersen.com

Twitter: @muffled1