Water Light Graffiti

Festival Location: Union Terrace Gardens

Water Light Graffiti is a surface made of thousands of LEDs illuminated when they come into contact with water. By touching the edges of an LED, the water creates an electrical bridge and makes the current pass through the circuit, which provides power to the LED below the surface. Water in fact conducts electrical current and is the missing link in a small electrical circuit. This means that on this surface you can draw and write with water.

“The damper, the brighter”: based on this simple and clever idea, the aim of Water Light Graffiti is to propose a new smart material to draw or write ephemeral light messages. This project allowed our audiences to create graffiti with a water pistol, a paintbrush, a water spray, your fingers or anything damp. Using water to draw light is a magical experience for the public, regardless of their age or taste in art. 

About the artist…

In 2005 Antonin Fourneau received an Art Diploma from Aix-en-Provence Art School followed in 2007 by a post Diploma in Interactive Art in the Design School of ENSAD Paris. Since his graduation, Antonin has been focused on interactive art and popular culture. He created a collaborative project about innovation and a new form of funfair named Eniarof. Most of his research focuses on creative interactions in large groups of people. As a part of his research, he was selected for a residency in Japan in 2007 at the Tokyo Wonder Site. Followed in 2008 by a residence at Medialab Prado in Madrid as part of its research for the project Oterp (a geolocalised music game). He took part in various exhibitions related to digital arts.

Website: http://www.waterlightgraffiti.com